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Links to a range of different LED trailer light kits to try and to find ones that suit you. Things like truck and trailer lights by Anderson & Optronics, licence plate lights, boat, and stop lights.

LEDs light up faster than conventional bulbs, Provide six times the life expectancy of conventional lights, Solid state - no filament to break, Sonic welded for an absolute seal, Use 1/10th of the electrical current needed to operate standard bulbs.

Blazer LED Trailer Light Kits Model# C7820

Item #: 127705
Submersible, low-profile LED trailer light kit. For trailer applications over and under 80in. Included are:

  • 2 LED trailer lights (left & right)
  • 1 Wiring harness
  • 1 License plate bracket
  • 1 Attachment hardware kit

Blazer trailer light kit
Blazer Trailer Light Kit

$59.99 each
(International Shipping)
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Blazer Trailer Light Kit

Item #: 0165313
LED Trailer Light Kits For Under 80 inch Trailers. Kit provides all legal lighting and reflective equipment for any trailer less than 80 in. wide. Includes:

  • 2 stop and tail lights
  • 2 side marker lights
  • 20 ft. or 25 ft. wire harness
  • 4 ft. truck connector
  • license bracket
  • frame mounting clips and complete mounting instructions

Blazer trailer light kit
Blazer Trailer Light Kit

$19.99 each
(US Shipping i.e. 50 states and District of Columbia)
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Hidden Hitch LED Trailer Light Kits

Part #: 44014
The standard light kit is ideal for most trailers. It is easy to install and includes 25' of wire, 4 pole flat connector, license bracket, hardware, combination lights and side markers.

Standard light kit (Click to enlarge)
Standard Light Kit

$31.85 each
(International Shipping)
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Wesbar Waterproof Low Profile Lighting Kit

Stock #: 5206011
Wesbar waterproof lighting kit for all trailers over 80" wide. These LED trailer light kits features tail lights with a sealed lamp capsule that protects the bulb and electrical contacts from damage by thermo shock and corrosion. The capsule is replaceable, so if a bulb does wear out, the entire tail light assembly need not be replaced. Includes:

  • Two waterproof low profile tail lights
  • Two sealed waterproof amber side marker lights
  • license plate bracket
  • 25' wishbone trailer harness
  • 48" trunk connector
  • mounting hardware, and installation instructions
A rear identification light bar is sold separately to meet DOT requirements. Tail Light Dimensions: W = 8" H = 2-7/8" D = 2-3/4"

Wesbar waterproof low profile lighting kit (Click to enlarge)
Wesbar Waterproof Low Profile Lighting Kit

$43.95 each
(US and Canada Shipping Only)
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LED Truck and Trailer LightsTruck and Trailer - LED truck and trailer lights allow truckers to be clearly visible to other vehicles on the road, and their long life and limited power usage will allow truckers to save both time and money.

Anderson LED Trailer LightsAnderson - Anderson lights consume significantly less power than incandescent light, and create an intense light that makes any trailer more visible for enhanced safety. They are produced by Anderson Marine Division.

LED Trailer Licence Plate LightLicence Plate - Make your license plate more visible with one of these. Their limited power usage and long life will allow truckers to save money and make themselves more visible to other road users.

Optronics LED Trailer LightsOptronics - These lights are produced by Optronics, Inc. There are some kits that contain amber side markers, license plate brackets, and universal tail lights with red markers/reflectors. Or you could simply buy them separate.

LED Boat Trailer Tail LightsBoat Tail - Boat trailer tail lights are critical components. It seems that trailer lights fail at the most inappropriate times. Don't risk getting a ticket or in an accident just because you neglected your rear lights.

LED Trailer Stop LightStop Light - They last much longer than they used to thanks to LEDs. They come in a range of shapes and sizes so you're bound to find one that is right for you. Some stop lights even contain 44 LEDs in them!

Peterson LED Trailer LightsPeterson - Make your trailer more visible with Peterson LED lights. Increase your safety and other road users. Buy trailer kits or buy them separate. Some even come with trailer harnesses. Prices range from $11 to $40+.

All prices and information on this page was submitted on June 2008 - Check product source for any changes.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Hidden-Hitches.com LED Trailer Light Kits - provide all of the parts needed for complete trailer light installation using common tools. They provide hardware, wires, connectors, license plate bracket and lights to the following functions: Stop, Turn, Tail and License Illumination. Online orders, International Shipping. www.hidden-hitches.com

Northern Tool + Equipment Catalog Co. - Trailer Light Kits, Trailer Lighting, Trailers + Trailer Parts, Northern Tool + Equipment. Online Orders for contiguous USA and Canada only, Alaska, Hawaii and international orders via telephone. www.northerntool.com

Eastern Marine Inc - A trailer parts superstore. Recreational & commercial trailer parts dealer since 1981. Online orders, continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada shipping only. shop.easternmarine.com

Southwest Wheel Company - LED Trailer Light Kits. Online orders, Ships within the contiguous 48 United States and the lower 8 Canadian Provinces only. www.southwestwheel.com

TheFind.com - LED Trailer Light Kits at TheFind.com - search, discover and compare prices. www.thefind.com

Oval Grommet LED Trailer Light Kit

SKU: AS131
Oval Grommet LED Trailer Light Kits are for over 80" wide, over 30' long and over 10,000 lbs capacity. Contains:

  • 2 red 6" oval LED stop/turn/tail lights with grommets
  • 6 amber 2.5" LED marker lights with grommets
  • 2 red 2.5" LED marker lights with grommets
  • 1 red LED tri-bar light
  • 50 18" red/white conspicuity tape
  • 1 LED license light
  • 25' wire harness and license bracket
All Optronics LED Lights have a lifetime warranty and are waterproof.

Oval grommet led trailer light kit (Click to enlarge)
Oval Grommet LED Trailer Light Kit

$182.95 each
(contiguous 48 United States and
lower 8 Canada provinces Shipping Only)
Buy Online Here

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